"Unpress" is a non-standard English term that refers to the act of releasing or canceling the pressing, squeezing, or compressing of something, returning it to its original state. The project of Unpress is initiated by three artists Howsem Huang, Sinistra Pan and Tung-Lin Tsai, the press aims to take the process of deconstruction with both a literal and conceptual approach. To examine the structure of the text and images, is to decontextualize and rethink the medium. From prints to paper, paper to pulp, the words and images collapse while the ideas reform. Our collaboration not only includes working on the same publication together, but we would also take things separately, inputting views from different positionalities, nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Instagram: @unpressedpatch

Unpress at the Multiple Formats Art Book Fair, Boston, March 2024.
Unpress at the Fotobook Dummies Day Photobook Fair, Taipei, December 2023.